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With NYC Hardwood Floors in hand with the “Specialized Crafts Team” on board, no job is too small or too big to 
fit every budget.


The best wood flooring in NYC and high quality finishes guaranteeing a long life to our work.


NYC Hardwood Floors has been known for its flooring projects in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania for many years. More than 10 years of experience


Renovate Your Floor

Restoring your floor is the solution to having a new house again, without having to spend a lot on major renovations

– Dust-free containment system
– Custom Design Spot Color
– Oil and water based
– Polishing and coating
– Bleaching
– Products with low VOC content and without VOC 


Want to have a new look in your home? Installing a new floor is a great solution


– Luxury vinyl planks
– Laminate flooring
– Pre-finished solid wood
– Unfinished solid wood
– Parquet floor
– Glued floor
– Floor with nails
– Installation of New Subfloor
– Concrete screed
– Floating floor molding / Base plate
– Hardwood Engineering
– Custom design

Optional Services

Renovate your floor in a few days without dust, without having to remove everything from the house.

– Dust Control Option Available
– Carpet Removal
– Furniture Moving


Renew your floor in a few days, 98% control of dust on surfaces and air and without having to take everything out of your home.

Oil-Based Finish or Water-Based Finishing

Oil-Based Finish Greater Durability, Resistance and Shine

Water-Based Finish Eco Friendly, Fast move in, Fast application and installation and Pet Friendly.

Oil-Based Finish

Very Shiny 95%
Bright 85%
Standard 70%
Opaque 55%

Water-Based Finishing

Very Shiny 80%
Bright 70%
Standard 60%
Opaque 40%

Your Color Texture Design Wish . Your Choice, We Make It.

If you’ve been considering new wood floors but you’re concerned about the hassle and disruption of the installation process, give us a try. 

We’ll walk you through the entire process before the job gets started. 

We’re happy to explain your options, the costs involved, and the timeline you should expect.

Picking a stain color can be very stressful, we provide you options to help make the decision easier

We have samples for you to browse to get a general idea of the color you are looking for

We will come to your home in advance of starting the project to put large sample colors on you floor

Doing so allows you to see the color during different times of day and with different lighting conditions

Trust the wood flooring experts at NYC Hardwood Floors with your next wood floor project

Sand Finishing

Beauty: Sanding can make even the oldest and grittiest floors look new again. And if your floors look better, the entire space looks better overall.

Value: Get your floors re-sanded and you’ll instantly increase your home’s market value. Any real estate broker will say that prospective homebuyers love to see homes with beautifully-sanded hardwood floors. They’ll be a big advantage when your property hits the market.

Safety: Sanding reduces the likelihood that floors will crack and splinters will develop. Meaning that children, pets, and family members can walk across the floor in socks or bare feet without risking injury.

Cleanliness: Finished floors collect little dust. A quick sweep and a wet mop every once in a while is all that’s needed to keep your floor free from debris and looking its best.


The main reasons finishes are applied to hardwood flooring are to protect the wood from stains, moisture damage, mechanical wear, and to highlight the wood’s natural color and beauty. Finishing your own floors enables a greater range of options with a wide range of colors, stains, finishes, and styles to choose from.

Vinyl Floor

Vinyl flooring comes with many advantages that make it a prime choice for more and more homeowners. From its low cost to its many design options, vinyl can bring a wide variety of benefits to your home. Vinyl flooring is very versatile and available in a variety of colors and styles. To that point, more and more homeowners are able to find vinyl patterns and designs that fit their personal design style due to the realistic visuals that mimic wood and stone.


Prefinished hardwood floors have numerous advantages. One advantage is the hard, durable finish. Several coats of sealant make these floors harder and more resilient to scratches, according to SFGate. On the contrary, when an unfinished floor is laid, typically just two or three coats of sealer are applied.

Natural Floor

Longevity. Natural floors can last for a hundred years or more. Coziness and Warmth. Not only is hardwood more pleasant to walk on, it is naturally warm. Clean & Healthy. A little sweeping and mopping, and your hardwood floor will continue to look nice for a long time.

Maureen Connell
Maureen Connell
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This company was incredible! They treated our home like it was their own. They helped move furniture to pull up old carpet. They sanded our floors and stained them so they look exactly as the new floors they installed. Cleaned up after themselves. Showed up on time. Definitely a company we would recommend!
John Doe
John Doe
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Great job!!! Fear price!!! Nice treatment!!! Solve all my wishes, and give me many informations to maintain my floor with your website!!! I don’t use another company anymore!!!!
Morais Construction
Morais Construction
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Fabio owner of NYC flooring came to one of my properties and made an amazing services, I have been use others flooring contractors, but NYC does different than anybody else, they take a pride on their work, attention to details, from beginning to the end, I’m very impressed how great and professional is their work, high recommend NYC ! Fair price and professional work.
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