Bring Your Floor Back To Life!

Sometimes all you need is an expert to show you what you have.
At NYC HARDWOOD FLOOR we dare to say: “new is not always better.”
We specialize in reviving those old, scratched, worn, chipped, or dented, hardwood floors that are shadowing the beauty of your home. Refinishing is an excellent and affordable means of restoring the beauty of your floor and our craftsmen largely known to have the eyes and careful touch of an artist.

Step 1: Sanding

Whether you own a residential or commercial property, NYC HARDWOOD FLOOR can help you correct any imperfections on your hardwood floor.
Our professionals will begin by sanding the floor to remove any dirt, stains, or visible scratches; and prepare the wood for staining and refinishing.
After the sanding process is completed we’ll even give you the option of adding a new color to your floor.

Step 2: Finishing

Once you decide a color we will then start by adding numberous coats of a water- based or oil-based polyurethane finish (based on your choice) to ensure that your wood floor looks and feels the way you want it to.
This step is to ensure that you’re newly-sanded floor is fully protected and cannot be damaged easily. It will also leave your floor looking healthier the amount of shine or gloss will be determined by YOU – you’ll love the results!

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