Sub Floor Installation

What goes underneath your floors is as important as the finish material. Not all types of joists and subfloors are appropriate for all types of floors. Sub floor is very important while doing your floor. Most hardwood floors is nailed to a plywood or subfloor over wood joists or a wooden foundation. Hardwood floors is either nailed or glued down, and usually can be installed below grade. Some engineered-wood floor can be installed as floating floors over a wood subfloor or consrete slab. If installed over concrete, the recommended subfloor is either 3/4-inch-thick plywood or 2x4s, and a vapor barrier of either asphalt felt and mastic or polyethylene film is required. NYC Hardwood Floor helps you to Sub Floor Installation assistance.


When it comes to complete floor leveling of both new and existing sub-floor, NYC Hardwood Floor is the name to go with. We have experienced floor leveling technicians who specialize in Sub Floor Repair and New Installation. Should your floor need revolve around the use of self leveling concrete, you can entrust the project to us. The number of years and the floor leveling skills we have make it possible for us to competently install floor on various surfaces. However complicated your flooring need may seem, our team of flooring experts is always on hand to work hand-in-hand with you as the right leveling choice for your flooring is achieved.

Sound Proofing

There is hardly any property owner that not want a reliable noise reduction system during the installation of any type of hardwood flooring. The method of sound proofing to be utilized is mainly determined by the type of application used. Our firm, NYC Hardwood Floor offers our customers a wide range of sound proofing options including green methods. For the best decision on the best method for your project, our experts are always available.

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