Ways To Protect Your Hardwood Floor

The first scratch is always the worst.Whether your car, your shiny iPhone, or your new hardwood floors, a scratch or gouge can make you feel like the whole thing is ruined.For a while, a few more marks of “wear and tear” get added in. Then slowly over time you accept that your brand new floor is no longer brand new. It’s been lived on.Wear and tear” is an inevitable part of owning a home. Even so, you can protect your wood floor from looking like a gigantic cutting board that has seen too many knives with some simple tricks.Learn how to keep your floor looking like new with our 3 easy, inexpensive solutions to protecting your wood floors. Let’s get started!

Use walk-off rugs at all entrances to protect your wood floors from scratches

After being outside, your shoes track in all sorts of rocks, dirt and debris that then damages your wood floors. With just a little pressure from walking, a sharp rock embedded in a shoe leaves a noticeable mark.Our trick: put two rugs at every door to prevent wood floor scratches.A strong walk off matt or rug on the outside of your entrance allows your guests and family to brush off their shoes before coming inside. Additionally, a second softer rug on the inside catches even more dirt as they enter your home.Even better – a no shoes rule inside your house.

Put felt protectors on all furniture legs to protect your wood floors from scratches

Chairs, couches, bar stools, coffee tables – people often drag these heavy objects across a floor, leaving scratches and wear patterns over time.Use felt protectors to protect your furniture from wood floor scratches.Felt protectors are little round disks that attach to the legs of your furniture. Some are peel and stick, others have a small nail to permanently attach them to your furniture’s wooden legs.You may think that a big stationary piece like a couch won’t need felt protectors.But, every time you sit down and get up from (or your kids jump on) the couch, the slight movements scratch and wear your floor. Felt protectors are an inexpensive way to protect your hardwood floor from this every day movement.

Use wood floor-safe caster wheels on your office chairs to prevent wood floor scratches

If you use an office chair on your wood floor, you should order replacement caster wheels that are safe for hardwood floors.Most office chairs come with hard, durable plastic wheels, but can scuff and scratch a wood floor very quickly.Some people solve this by putting down a plastic mat or rug under their chair. Often these look unsightly or keep your chair from moving smoothly.Get rid of the rug and glide smoothly across your wood floors by using hardwood safe caster wheels for your office chairs. You can find these on Amazon and they fit most chairs.

Protect Hardwood Floors From Pets

Keep Their Nails Trimmed 

Many pets have long nails that will scratch hardwood floors as they run around the house. Having your pet’s nails trimmed regularly—usually every couple of months—can considerably reduce damage.It also helps to put down rugs in the areas they frequent, as this will put a barrier between their nails and the wood. 

Clean Up Accidents Right Away 

Even well-trained pets can have accidents sometimes. Thus, you want to keep an eye out for puddles and clean them up immediately.

If urine remains on hardwood for too long, it can seep into the boards and leave behind stains and unpleasant odors. The acid in the urine may also ruin the finish. Simply wipe the area with a damp towel or mop and dry it thoroughly. 

Put a Mat Under Water Bowls

Animals aren’t particularly graceful when drinking water. As such, it often ends up sloshing out of the bowl and onto the floor. If left for a long period, water can discolor hardwood floors and cause them to start cupping. This is easily preventable by placing a thick, breathable mat under their water bowl to keep the surrounding area dry.You should also put protective covering near doorways so that people and animals don’t bring water in from outside if it has been raining or snowing. If your hardwood floors have already suffered pet damage, reach out to NYC hardwood floor for help making them look new again. high-quality refinishing services.

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